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How Were People Disposing The Documents 500 Years Ago?

It is very important for the person or the company to dispose of the documents. If they do not dispose of that, then there can be the chances that it will leak the most important information, and that may put you in danger. That is why it is essential for the person to handle the documents that have some confidential information, and it should be disposed of completely.

Now people can easily do that with the shredder, but what do people do with no shredder. How people disposed of all the important documents 500 years ago. There were several ways through which earlier people used to dispose of the paper, and you can know all about it from this source

How to dispose of paper without shredder?

Here are some of the different ways through which a person can dispose of the paper without the shredder, just the way people used to do before 500 years ago, and those ways are-


Pulping is one of the best and most effective methods to dispose of the documents and that also without the shredder. To dispose of the paper through this method, you need bleach, an electric mixer, and a beach-resistant container. And those steps are mentioned below-

Step 1- Pour the bleach into the container (half a gallon).

Step 2- In that, you also need to add the water (five-gallon).

Step 3- After that, you need to submerge the documents you want to dispose of or discard and also make sure that those are submerged completely.

Step 4- And then set them there for about 24 hours and then deteriorate the pulp of paper into the electric mixer and then compost the pulp and let it dry before discarding it.

You need to wear gloves and also goggles because bleach can irritate the skin and eyes.


Another method that can be used is burning; you may have seen that in the movies or videos, it can be the safe and easy method that saves a lot of time and effort of a person. Some of those steps are mentioned below-

Step 1- if you want to burn the paper, first, you need to dig the hole in your backyard with the help of a shove.

Step 2- You can clear the twigs, branches from the surroundings.

Step 3- Then start the fire through the matches and lighter and throw the documents that are needed to be discarded.

Step 4- Once you do that, then you need to wait till the documents that you have burned turn into ashes.

One thing that you need to make sure of is to dispose of the documents outside and not inside the house because there can be a fire alarm in the building, which might create a problem for you.


It is one of the methods that people do not know to discompose the documents, but you may have known this if you have ever left the receipt in your pocket. You can just take a laundry bag full of documents and then wash them in the machines with the chemicals.

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