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History Of Whatsapp. From Launch Until Now. 5 Tips How It Can Improve Your Business

WhatsApp history is interesting, and it is quite dissimilar from any other founder’s story. It was not a usual startup similar to Facebook or Google. You would be surprised to know that WhatsApp was designed by a group of people in their thirties. These people were not unemployed, but they all have reputed jobs in successful companies. WhatsApp was developed for a real need, which was encrypting personal conversation.

WhatsApp was launched with a motive of no games, no ads, and no gimmicks. Even after nine years of its launch and getting several updates, it is on its fundamental motive. WhatsApp business is another application of WhatsApp which was launched for business owners. It does not have much for fun and entertainment, but still, it is getting revenue in billions. Facebook bought it, and since then, the model of WhatsApp has changed a lot.

Whatsapp Business: Check Its Features

WhatsApp provides several features for small business owners. Small businesses can install WhatsApp business applications rather than simple ones. It is something that is only featured for businesses and for providing customer support. You can also use the WhatsApp code for the website. This would help you in enabling WhatsApp chat on your website for better customer support. It can help them in presenting a professional view for their WhatsApp clients. Check out its great features-

  • Business Profile: it helps in organizing a well-looking business profile that is great for public view. You can enter your email address, location, description of your business, URL of your website, and much more.
  • Labels: several color-coded labels can be used by the WhatsApp business user. There is a color-coded label that helps the person in starting a chat with their customers. This helps them in grouping their customers without even letting them know.
  • Whatsapp Business Statics: this can help you in analyzing the report of your WhatsApp account. Usually, you can notice the number of messages delivered, messages received, read, and unread. All these things help you in managing your data on WhatsApp.
  • Set A Default Greeting Message: a person can’t stay online all the time and reply to messages. Therefore you can set a default greeting message sent automatically to everybody who texts you on WhatsApp. Helps you in enhancing your presence on WhatsApp and keeps your customers happy.
  • Save Frequent Responses: people using the WhatsApp application for customer support need to chat a lot. Therefore they can save some of the frequent replies that can be sent instantly. You can save some conversations, such as the description of your product or charges. The feature helps save a lot of energy and time that can be consumed on other important tasks.

It is a simple and popular way of connecting with your clients and customers. You can easily chat with your customers on WhatsApp convenient for several people, and it is also trending.

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